WWE SmackDown: Daniel Bryan rescues Roman Reigns

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Fecha: noviembre 27, 2019

Daniel Bryan came into Roman Reigns on SmackDowns rescue as the alliance between the pair was made .
A person of an uneasy truce has existed in recent weeks between Bryan and Reigns when he burst onto the scene to stop a attack on the 43,, but last night the latter apparently confirmed his personality change.
When he was taken by Baron Corbin out with a sceptre reigns had been going to conquer Intercontinental champion Shinsuke Nakamura within their title match and Sami Zayn joined to set a beating on the Dog.
That caused Bryan, who aided the heel trio runs and later made a tag team for a match against Corbin and Nakamura.
That competition was a chaotic affair and included the destruction of a barrier and Bryan ensured the win, before observing with Reigns, truly confirmed and their union well pinning Nakamura after a Busaiku knee strike.
Nikki Cross wins title opportunity
SmackDown womens winner Bayley was on the show to explain her actions of the last week, stating she has had enough of the one time character of her relationship with the fans before quoting Vince McMahon:Life sucks, and then you die.
Bayley, with Sasha Banks in her side, then took her seat to watch as a SmackDown sextet commenced battle, a challenge for a shot in her name unfold.
The Nikki Cross of scotland prevailed, pinning Mandy Rose following a neckbreaker after the remaining portion of the area had blasted each other out.
His point is made by strowman
Drew Gulak, as the self-proclaimedmost eminent battle sports historian in the roster even went to the trouble of placing them, and had any words of advice to Braun Strowman ahead of his Crown Jewel match against Tyson Fury.
However, the Dragon was not piled on the power moves at a one-sided contest against the prior Cruiserweight champion and interested in advice.
If this encounter, which finished with a running powerslam, is anything to go by, gulak will be unlikely to offer up any penetration in the future.

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